Small Cell – 5G – IoT and Economic Development. Is Your Local Government Prepared?

As many of us now know, we are entering into a digital industrial revolution.

From a communications and infrastructure perspective it’s a Small Cell – 5G – IoT whirlwind that is spurring both a technical and economic development revolution, which will bring with it many new, Smart City opportunities, challenges and benefits.

Almost forty years ago, cable companies came to visit each and every city and municipality in the USA. At that time, cities and municipalities did not know enough about technology and economic development, to propose a mutually beneficial agreement between the city and the cable provider.

Today is different. Cities are looking to attract and retain data oriented business, create high value jobs while improving the community experience.

For cities and municipalities to realize the greatest economic development benefits of the digital revolution, it is essential that your city or municipality be prepared with the right strategy, the right plan, contracts and operating agreements to realize those benefits. In other words, infrastructure is necessary, but it is not sufficient to deliver the best economic development benefits.

The pace of change has accelerated. Time is of the essence.

The iNeighborhoods team has extensive public sector experience working with small cell, pole attachment, right-of-way agreements and business models. We have the right team, the hands on talent and a solid process, to put a plan in place that will help your city or municipality realize significant operating benefits, harvest significant economic development gains, and have the best Smart City economic and educational opportunities.

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