Readiness Assessment

Cities are eager to attract new business and residents, accelerate the pace of innovation, generate new revenue streams, lower operating costs and create new efficiencies while improving the quality of life. Communities are also interested to attract high value jobs, inclusive educational opportunities and new private and public-sector investment.

An iNeighborhood is an economic development platform that allows stakeholders and residents to observe digital technologies and services and how they could improve the short and long term economic outlook of your area. An iNeighborhood also helps public and private sector stakeholders make progress towards tangible, incremental results that build credibility and justify further public or private sector investments.

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However, taking the first step is the most important part of the process. iNeighborhoods understands this and has designed a highly cost effective readiness assessment process to assess the goals, challenges and current stage of development of your community, then determine next steps

Our Readiness Assessment Process

The first step in this process is to engage your stakeholders and the iNeighborhoods team, to understand and confirm the process as well as to share your community development goals and progress to date. We recognize and appreciate this challenge and are aware that every community is at a different stage of development.

The Readiness-Assessment will evaluate the following at a high level:

  1. Your current plans for community development.
  2. Your education, economic and entrepreneurial ecosystems.
  3. Your stakeholders and private/public partnerships.
  4. Demographics and potential target areas.
  5. Available real-estate, infrastructure and Smart City work to date.

Your Community Core Stakeholders Can Include

  1. Mayor and/or city manager.
  2. Higher education, tech schools. community college or K-12.
  3. Community planning and economic development.
  4. Workforce development.
  5. Innovation community.
  6. Community champions.


  1. A high-level summary report of the opportunity, gaps and challenge for your community.
  2. A definitive SOW, timeline and next steps.
  3. A proposal.

To learn more about our Readiness-Assessment process for communities, utilities and city-university pairs, please use our Contact form.