Inclusive Digital Broadband Mapping

TodayAnytown USA or Canada

iNeighborhoods partners are proud to announce an inclusive digital broadband mapping program that provides definitive location and performance mapping data of wired and mobile wireless broadband connections to residents and businesses in both the USA and Canada. Our mapping program can also identify locations which are under-served, under-perform or lack connectivity.

“As the coronavirus outbreak spreads and causes a series of disruptions to the economic, educational, medical, and civic life of our country, it is imperative that Americans stay connected. Broadband will enable them to communicate with their loved ones and doctors, telework, ensure their children can engage in remote learning, and—importantly—take part in the ‘social distancing’ that will be so critical to limiting the spread of this novel coronavirus.” – FCC Chairman Pai

Figure 1) County Mapping

The system is scalable and flexible. Depending upon the community engagement method, mapping can take place for areas as small as a single automobile, a building, a residence, a street, a block, a ward or district, a municipality, a city or a county. When combined, an entire state can be mapped with greater efficiency and confidence.

Figure 2) City Mapping

Summary performance roll-up data of local service provider networks can also be captured. Once all business and residential data has been collected, mapping data can be presented in a CSV format, a SQL data base format, or can displayed in Google Maps (as on this page), other GIS systems, or in an iNeighborhoods Story Map.

Mapping data is collected in the following format:

Figure 3 Mapping Data Format
Figure 4) Neighborhood Mapping

When integrated with other iNeighborhoods ecosystem development services or workshops, social impact, educational opportunities, ecosystem growth and community revenue flows can be more effectively realized. In this way, stakeholders can quickly evaluate the degree of Internet connectivity and performance in their community.

Figure 5) Neighborhoods Mapping – Satellite View

Benefits of Digital Mapping

a) Identification of, and strategy development for, under-served or disadvantaged communities.

b) Prepare for the future of distance learning, telehealth, public health and working from home.

c) Work with your service providers to provider better connectivity and more bandwidth to your community.

d) Observe the aggregate performance of multiple service providers within, or across your community.

e) Valuable business case justification for Federal, State and local economic development grants.

f) Valuable business case justification for public and private sector investment.

g) Evaluate synergistic locations for inclusive digital communities such as Geozone.

Digital Mapping Process

Our mapping process makes extensive use of community engagement. We will provide you with a mapping link that you can provide to your community, in the form of a community invitation or website. When the link is clicked, a mapping registration form will open and ask for the address location and a few other minor details – very easy. When finished, the mapping system will run a quick internet performance test to that location, save the performance data to our database, and then delete the address information. The privacy of your community is preserved.

Digital Mapping License

iNeighborhoods will provide you with a one-year license to use the mapping system. The license is renewable.

Digital Mapping Turnaround Time and Cost

The turnaround time is highly dependent upon your community engagement process and how effectively you engage your community. One effective way to engage your community is to work with your local school systems and the chamber of commerce at the same time. Students could take home a “broadband mapping” assignment for the family, while at the same time, the chamber could send out invitations to local businesses.

If your community engagement process is efficient, we can develop “high confidence data” for smaller communities in 2-3 weeks, and for larger communities in 4-6 weeks. Tier I cities, regional or statewide mapping takes longer. However, when we fully understand all your requirements, we will give you a time and cost estimate.

Digital Mapping Deliverables

An online representation of your community mapping data via Google Maps, and a CSV file, (see below) which is a copy of all the Internet performance test results.

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TimestampDate/time test was completed
IPIP address of the customer’s access point
ASNAutonomous System number
ispinfoName of the Isp
dldowload speed
ulupload speed
pingaverage time (milliseconds) to get to and from the test management server
jitterframe error rate
latitudelatitude of address
longitudelongitude of address
blockidcensus block group #
repeatshow many times this location has tested
costcost, if entered of service
mccCountry code if cellular
mncSpecific id of ISP if cellular
would payif no service, what would they pay
nsvc optionsif no service, other options
otherif no service, comments if any
townshipcensus township
countycensus county
emailemail address, if provided
districtstate legislative district if available
CSV Data File Format