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Cities are about to be transformed by digital and information technologies that will allow them to meet civic challenges in new ways. There are numerous examples of how these technologies will affect the way that cities operate: autonomous and connected vehicles; real-time mobility services; targeted public service delivery; real-time sensing of the built and natural environment; more sustainable and efficient energy and water systems and high speed data and Internet infrastructure.

Embracing Smart technologies will require expertise and knowledge that city government may not possess. In some cases, it will require new sets of knowledge about cities, businesses and residents. Partnerships between cities, universities and their communities, will provide the necessary expertise and knowledge for cities to take advantage of opportunities presented by technology. On the other hand, cities and communities can provide additional engagement, funding, business model and operating information which universities may not have have experience with.

iNeighborhoods, provides a cost effective community platform which enables cities and universities to jointly develop Smart City policies, strategies and technologies which attract and retain talent, realize greater socio-economic impact, research and educational opportunity, sooner.