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To build the most cost-effective community solution for our customers, we have three engineering teams. Our Wireless Engineering Team is focused on technology architecture, implementation and operation. The Telecom Engineering Team is focused on all aspects of fiber access, pole attachments, right-of-way, permitting and fee structures. The Socio-Economic Engineering Team is focused on community architecture, economic development, entrepreneurial ecosystems and measurement.

Our Wireless Engineering Team

Our wireless engineering team is comprised of engineers highly experienced in all phases of hybrid fiber-wireless infrastructure, right-of-way and pole attachments. This includes 4G/LTE, small cell, millimeter wave, pre-5G and 5G neutral host capabilities and FTTX. Their job is to design a cost-effective hybrid fiber-wireless solution that meets the business and economic development goals of your community.

Our Telecom Management and Network Engineering Team

If you are a government (city, county or State), telecom engineering team can help your citizens’ need to manage all the above through well-thought-out public policies, regulations and ordinances that not only protect and use wisely your public assets in ways that best serve the public’s interests, but also in ways that provide for your community the needed engines for economic growth by addressing both unserved and undeserved consumers of broadband.

Take for example your infrastructure of rights of way, street structures (lights, traffic signaling and signage, etc.) and conduits.  How will you establish carrier neutral use of excess and underutilized public or utility infrastructures of dark fiber, conduits, poles, rights of way, building entrances and wireless sites?

If you are a city or a utility, we can help you address your needs to manage your right of way, utility pole attachments and conduit use with well-thought-out utility policies and standards that not only protect and use wisely your these assets but also in ways that can withstand the tests of user and public policy challenges that are going to occur in the ever-changing competitive environments we live in.

The Socio-Economic Engineering Team

Successful community technology initiatives are powered by inclusive socio-economic activity. Each iNnovation neighborhood ecosystem is comprised of a unique alignment of neighborhood organizations, resources, students, entrepreneurs, businesses, residents, community amenities, living and transportation options and more. The Socio-Economic Engineering team reviews all aspects of the neighborhood ecosystem to identify strengths, challenges, gaps and key performance indicators.

The team then designs and implements a plan to accelerate, sustain and measure job creation and the socio-economic development of the neighborhood.