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The following case studies, illustrate how communities can organize, develop socio-economic capacity and stimulate growth by aligning creative and tech organizations with location, living, transportation and infrastructure options, and rich cultural and community amenities.

Chattanooga, TennesseeThe First Mid Sized City to Designate an Innovation District

The National League of CitiesInnovation Districts Catalyze Jobs, Creativity, Growth

The Brookings InstituteInnovation Districts

iNeighborhoods works with your city or community organizations, to accelerate the development of your innovation neighborhood, by creating high value jobs, private investment and new public sector opportunity. We also make use of an inclusive community development process, to create measurable and sustainable economic impact.

We believe that the iNeighborhood community development process, is an evolutionary improvement of leading community development models and strategies, attracting residents and producing new public and private sector opportunity, sooner.

Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing more about your community.