SAINT LOUIS, MO. March 26, 2019

St. Louis’ own  iNeighborhoods and blossom llc, take next step to provide digital access to renewable energy services via internet. Neighborhood trials to begin spring 2019, Smart City fund implementation to follow in 2020.

iNeighborhoods and blossom llc are excited to announce a joint effort to bring regional Smart City functionalities to life in the St. Louis bi-state area. By combining blossom’s smart contract capabilities with iNeighborhoods Smart City ecosystem planning process, we hope to evolve our efforts into a holistic, self-sustaining Smart City environment that would provide immeasurable benefit to the community. We will soon begin trials with neighborhoods in the St. Louis area where we will allow these locations to exchange energy with each other on a virtual microgrid.

Much like other well-known shared economy Apps that optimize transportation and lodging options for travelers, our trials will help us prove our concept and help to optimize, buy and sell renewable energy options for homes and businesses. Operations are sustained by a small fee assessed per energy transaction and to do bigger and better things. Moreover, these trials will pave the way for other possibilities such as a Smart City business district, regional IoT and data analytics and projects that advance interdisciplinary education and a better understanding of social justice for a digital world, and much more. Our plan is outlined as follows:

  • Stage 1: Virtual Microgrid Trials (begins ASAP 2019)
    • Renewable energy survey released to the bi-state / neighborhoods
    • Assess interested neighborhoods
    • Activate energy exchange between neighborhoods
    • Activate energy pools for charitable donation
    • Assess market dynamics for renewable energy construction/community generation
  • Stage 2: Smart City fund and Data Exchange Expansion (begins 2020)
    • Engage interested parties and potential stakeholders
    • Assess economic impact and focus areas for Smart City fund and Data Exchange
    • Implementation of Smart City fund and expansion of Data Exchange capabilities
  • Stage 3: Full Smart City Operability (begins 2021)
    • Full operability

About the Partners:


iNeighborhoods builds smart cities for the digital age, one neighborhood at a time. By developing the neighborhood ecosystem and high-speed data and Smart City infrastructure, which attracts and creates employment and business opportunities for residents and neighborhood start-up companies, iNeighborhoods accelerates the overall socio-economic development and prosperity of participating city neighborhoods.


blossom llc is a bartering marketplace that allows anyone to exchange goods, services, data and intellectual property easily and securely through automated smart contracts. Through our powerful agreement platform, we will facilitate exchanges of data between entities on the network to allow for P2P/B2P energy trading, improved community security options, new ways of engaging with local businesses, and more. Any group of any size can engage with others on our platform, and we see this project as a way to connect residents, businesses, community groups and organizations together in one place.