“The National League of Cities’ City of the Future initiative explores existing trends and predicts future developments so that cities can anticipate changes in the urban landscape and prepare accordingly. This multi-year research project focuses on five different factors that affect cities: technology, economics, climate, culture, and demographics. By exploring these factors through a city-centric lens, the City of the Future initiative highlights specific issues that will affect how people experience and move throughout cities for years to come”.

The Future of Work
“The latest report in our City of the Future series examines societal shifts and advancements in technology that are impacting the rapidly changing American workforce. The report outlines solutions to help city leaders plan for the fast-approaching future, while forecasting the economic viability of two distinct sectors – retail and office administration – in which a quarter of Americans are currently employed”.

Technology & Mobility
“The first report in this series focuses on the nexus between technology and mobility. Technology is leading cities to more dynamic transportation systems where people shift seamlessly between multiple modes depending on their needs. This report draws conclusions from a variety of sources, including existing literature, expert interviews, and transportation plans”.